Pixhug – Social Media Platform

Pixhug is a social media platform and photo sharing mobile app. Created with the mission to increase social awareness for funds and social causes. It is not just an app for people to share photos but a platform that encourages social responsibility. It has the mission to change lives, help charities and organization or even when there is a disaster in a certain place.


Today, a lot of people want to help other people, charities or organization but they don’t have the means to do so, but with Pixhug there is a way to make donating and raising funds for charity simple, fast and rewarding. Pixhug lets the people make their contributions by just sharing photos from time to time.


Pixhug is a technology that adds more value to social media that could change peoples’ view. Let us take for example a Pixhug Blogspot blog where the person talks about how he discovered Pixhug and how it changed his view about social media. According to him, it is not just a photo sharing app that you could take selfies every day but a movement- a revolution that gives the ability to help and make a difference. By simply sharing and liking photos, fundraising is very easy with Pixhug. It is a tool for people to help without spending money because it is for free.


It is true that picture means a thousand words but with Pixhug it aims to make picture becomes a thousand blankets or a thousand meals. It is what is happening when you post a picture or hit like to a picture. The number of likes is converted to a currency which now could be the funds for chosen charity It is a movement that encourages people to do well and motivates that online behavior to help people, charity or organization. It aims people to be more engaged in social responsibility and be more aware of what is happening around the world where a lot of people needs help or financial assistance.


Pixhug is an amazing technology that drives people to help without spending money. Imagine when a lot of people go online, share their photos and get thousands of likes that eventually get converted to a currency which could be used as a donation for a chosen charity. Clearly, it is a simple app that could generate thousand blankets or thousand meals. It is very exciting to use for someone who is fond of using social media to post their pictures, but more importantly, it could help a lot of people to change their lives for better.