Avoid Parking Airport Stress During Busy Periods

Most people who are headed to the airport are doing so for enjoyable reasons such as visiting family or going on vacation. However, very few people enjoy the journey itself and that stress can start right from the moment you get in the car. Following these simple parking airport tips can help get your journey off to a good start, and put you in a positive frame of mind before you get on your plane.

Parking at the airport is not usually difficult, and most airports offer the option to book a place in the long term stay car park ahead of your traveling date. But things become more stressful during busy periods such as summer vacation or the holiday season. If you know that you are traveling at peak time, it is even more essential to put some forward planning into your parking airport strategy.

First of all, plan to leave much earlier than you think you need to. When you are traveling during a busy period you need to account for the fact that you may face long queues both around the airport and leading into the car park. In the worst case scenario, you may find that you have allocated too much time to get to the airport and need to spend a little longer occupying yourself before your flight. But you might also be avoiding the stress of a last minute dash to your terminal.

When you are parking at an airport you also need to figure out how far away you will be leaving your car and how long you may need to wait for a shuttle. If the airport has a dedicated parking office, give them a call. If they don’t, your airline should be able to give some indication as to how much extra time you need to park your car and how frequently the shuttle runs.

You can make your journey feel easier by packing as lightly as possible. This can obviously save you money on checking your baggage, but you will also appreciate lighter luggage when you have to transport your bags from your car boot to the airport terminal and vice versa. It will also help a lot if you keep your essential documents somewhere which is memorable and easily accessible. This will be helpful when you check in, but you may also need to have your airport parking ticket to hand when you return home. If you mislay or lose your ticket, you will have to pay a hefty penalty.

Figuring out how long you need to get to the airport is the first step in making your airport parking experience stress free, and you should also remember that it may take a while to get from your parking space to the terminal. Factor in extra time and always check the travel report before you set off. Unexpected airport parking problems arise frequently, but having plenty of time to make your flight will help you deal with any unexpected delays in a calm manner.

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